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Skin Lice Pictures

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Natural Remedies For Head Lice

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Pictures Of Pubic Lice

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Ray says:


ROBERT says:

Is it true that u can use dog shampoo flee & tic to helpremove lice. I think that sounds strang but that is what some one told my friend to help her get reed of her lice.

jamillah says:

anu ang gamot sa koto po kasi na ang dami kong koto sana matulongan nyo ako sa problima kong ito dami kong koto ehhhhhhhh at lisa

jamillah says:

anu ang gamot sa koyo kasi na ang dami kong koto sana matulongan nyo ako sa problima kong ito dami kong koto ehhhhhhhh at lisa

Mary says:

Lisa Horton, I have exactly what you have. Did you ever get an explanation of this????

angie says:

what does bed bugs look like

Diane says:

Tiny black specks im thinking are bed bugs, I am trying to deal with them also. If you look at them with a magnifying glass and look at some of the pics of bedbugs and the stages in their growth you will notice that they are the same only a bit smaller than the pics. I also have them in my hair and ears I can hear them crackeling in my ears. GOD HELP US. says:

How can you tell the difference between body lice and bed bugs? When I wake up in the morning its little black specks ?

Lisa Horton says:

I know I have head lice, but I believe I have body lice also. Does anyone know what white dots are on the outside of my coats? Every coat and shoes I own have a lot of white dots on them. I am talking about a 100% wool coat, my Suede coat 2 black leather coats. The white dots are in myvehicle also. They are on my dashboard cloth seats? I have washed all my clothes in hot hot! water and put them iin the dryer and dried them though and through. I have ironed them with a steam iron and I am still getting bit, does anyone have any ideas? I also have some of my summer clothes in the freezer? I went to my Primary Care Dr, and she just thinks I am obsessing over these abuse even though I took her a sample of my hair and pictures of the brown sesame seed lice and hair in a baggie? Please someone help I am going bald and taking benedryl twice a day. Some of the bugs are black. I have bought so many lint rollers that I am going broke. Terminex has been here 7 times and another company that only told me I have spiders?

taammy bush says:

I'm dealing with a infestations of lice its been 8months an.d 5hospitals. And no help they're in my apartment. My car I'm on dialysis wheni wake up they're little balls of cotton in my bed when I sleep.they get into my eyelids and my eyesare swollen shut, I feel then crawling on me and perithiium cream isn't working please help me.

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