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Body Lice Pics

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Is Pubic Lice Curable

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B manjarrez says:

I found shaving all my body hair almost daily and treating with rid and nix. Key is not re infecting yourself. The hardest to get rid of was the ones on my scalp. I treated myself daily for a week then every other day for a week then 2 times a week for 2 weeks then finally 1 time a week for a month. I used rid first rinsed and then nix. It's extreme but that and changing my mattress is what I had to do to finally be rid of body lice.

hfois;' says:

why is this even a website your disgusting you scumbags. revolting people please get a proper life. this page gives me the creeps

abby says:

head lice is bad and you can get it feally easy so what ever you do cheek your kids and your swlf

Mckenna says:

The best product to keep lice away is the Fairy Tales line of products

Eddie says:

I think I have been dealing with the same issue for about EIGHT (8) months and still cannot get any relief. My legs healed up then it moved to my back. My back healed up and now it's on my arms. I do laundry daily and have started to steam treat my home. I even have pictures of what they look like and can seem them in detail. No matter what I try, I can't seem to get rid off them. I've been on Permethrin twice and have also used Fluocinide, oral steroids and Triamcinoloide as well as other cremes. I hope someone gets to a solution soon cause I just can't take it anymore!!!!

hush says:

As a shut-in & severe obsessive compulsive, I'm not sure i won't eventually burn my house down!i think i have body live aka tiny parasites that burrow, bite & seem to hide & also swarm from my clothes when disturbed. Eyebrows,eye lashes,nape of my neck & excruciating itchy bites all over my body that I can't leave alive. Minimum, I'm scarred for life. Help!

Char says:

To Lisa, Be sure and get a completely sealed or plastic cover for your mattress when you get treatment. Go to a Dermatologist and demand they do a skin scrap or clip skin to be diagnosed for body lice. I am on my 4th Dr. and he is finally helping me start the Permithim cream and will do another of the same in a week for what I believe is body lice. You must protect yourself from being reinfected after the treatment from anything living in your mattress. My son had them and gave them to me after several months. I think they are bird mites or body mites. I ordered bedbug tests to put under your mattress first, negative, so now I suspect mites. Mine has been going on for 9 months!

jimmy says:

Question; Is there one cure for all three types of lice? (head, body and eyelash) At the very least, two types, head and body? Please respond. THANKS

Ray says:


ROBERT says:

Is it true that u can use dog shampoo flee & tic to helpremove lice. I think that sounds strang but that is what some one told my friend to help her get reed of her lice.

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