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Body Lice Bites Pictures
Body Lice Bites Pictures

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Natural Remedies For Head Lice

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Skin Lice Pictures

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jamillah says:    

anu ang gamot sa koyo kasi na ang dami kong koto sana matulongan nyo ako sa problima kong ito dami kong koto ehhhhhhhh at lisa

jamillah says:    

anu ang gamot sa koto po kasi na ang dami kong koto sana matulongan nyo ako sa problima kong ito dami kong koto ehhhhhhhh at lisa

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Brooke G says:

Please tell me how to get rid of body lice, my son and his gf went to a friends house and I believe they have them or have been bitten

- says:

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Dawn says:

I have been dealing with an invisible itchy something? For months it went from mylegs up now resides in my eyebrows and eyelashes I can feel then crawl or jump on my face,i have been treated for scabies lice and std nothing is working accasionaally I pull something off,after being bagged a few days looks like spec of dead skin? Or dirt wat do u suggest it cold be

Siebo5u says:

Can you eat Body lice

dedoid 3 says:

hello my name is dedoid i am very disturbed by this website it offends lice

dedoid again says:

but its abit wierd that you just post picyures of peoples lice

dedoid says:

this site is very educational thank you

B manjarrez says:

I found shaving all my body hair almost daily and treating with rid and nix. Key is not re infecting yourself. The hardest to get rid of was the ones on my scalp. I treated myself daily for a week then every other day for a week then 2 times a week for 2 weeks then finally 1 time a week for a month. I used rid first rinsed and then nix. It's extreme but that and changing my mattress is what I had to do to finally be rid of body lice.

hfois;' says:

why is this even a website your disgusting you scumbags. revolting people please get a proper life. this page gives me the creeps

abby says:

head lice is bad and you can get it feally easy so what ever you do cheek your kids and your swlf

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